The 3 Keto Tamales Best Recipes Every Keto Geek Must Try

Keto tamales are delicious, indeed! But what’s the damage they do to a ketogenic diet? How many carbs in tamales are there? Statistically answering, one traditional tamale has 35 grams of carbs in it. That’s way over your head for a single meal.

But that doesn’t mean you must stop enjoying your lifestyle. There is a way and that goes through keto tamales. This article lists the three best keto Mexican tamales recipes to satisfy your cravings without breaching your keto diet boundaries.

Top 3 Low Carbs Keto Tamales Meals:

Keto tamales are an easy way to satisfy food cravings without risking your diet. Unlike the typical tamales, these are incredibly light on a diet, with a net carb weight of 3 to 5 grams.

Therefore, these Mexican meals help you enjoy the flavors while retaining your keto lifestyle. Here are some of the keto tamales low carb love geek recipes you can try:

1. Keto Tamale Pie

This mixture of pumpkin puree, ground beef, and almond flour will satisfy your keto food cravings. The meal has well-seasoned ground beef having a top crust of coconut and almond flour.

Using almond flour instead of wheat makes this tamales recipe extremely healthy and low on carbs. Moreover, similar versions of the pie have ground beef seasoned with bell pepper, cinnamon, onions, and tomato sauce, giving it an intense flavor.

This Mexican low carb delicious tamales recipe is perfect all by itself. But, if paired with sugar-free guacamole or salsa, the flavors start getting out of hand.

Besides that, the keto tamales pie is worthy of all the favorite toppings a foodie loves. So go wild with these:

  • Green onion
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Sweet honey cornbread

2. Almond Flour Tamales

Mexican foods were never so easy on the carbs. The massive use of wheat and masa flour made it a no-no for a keto diet.

However, in this case, almond flour helps to transform this traditional tex-mex style dish into a keto-friendly recipe. Plus, it gives the keto tamales a soft gritty and slightly sweet taste.

This Mexican comfort food can go pretty well with plenty of filling options. But generally, chefs use red chile pork to retain a meaty flavor without compromising health.

Moreover, you can try these combinations of fillings and toppings to get a new experience every once in a while.

  • Keto sweet pork filled tamale topped with  salsa and sugar-free mole sauce
  • Keto ground beef taco meat with a topping of tomatillo dressing
  • Keto chile pork in a crock pot topped with jalapeno pepper slices

3. Keto Tamales Casserole

This deliciously seasoned savory beef with bell peppers, hot sauce, and green chile is a kind of casserole that will satisfy your cravings after a long cold day.

It has plenty of options to use as fillings, including veggies, sauces, spices, and meat. Moreover, combining multiple crust toppings ensures you enjoy it over and over without getting bored.

This keto tamales casserole is perfect all by itself, but you can use the toppings listed below to take things up a notch:

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a keto diet while satisfying your midnight cravings is difficult. However, some keto tamales recipes help in that aspect by simultaneously giving you a mouth-watering taste and healthy diet contents.

This article covers 3 of these recipes you can enjoy without endangering your daily keto routine. The best part is that all three of these keto tamales recipes don’t require a day to make but get ready in just an hour or so.


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