Chocolate Keto candy Sugar Free

Chocolate keto candy truffles recipe for all connoisseurs of real chocolate, without impurities. The chocolate truffle recipe is great for vegans and anyone who doesn’t eat animal products. Instead of the traditional creamy base, I used full fat coconut milk, which gives it a tropical coconut flavor and is also very digestible. And because chocolate truffles are dairy-free, they’re great for anyone who’s lactose intolerant or allergic to casein. Moreover, these chocolate products do not contain sugar, which sharply raises insulin in the body, instead of sugar, I used Arkhat organic sweetener.


Cocoa butter — 150 g;
Cocoa powder — 30 g;
Vanilla extract — 5 g.
Cocoa mass — 400 g;
Sweetener — 150 g;
Coconut milk — 300 g;

How to cook Chocolate keto candy recipe step by step

  1. Grated cocoa or, as it is also called, grated chocolate, chopped with a knife into fragments. Cocoa butter is made from grated cocoa, which is used to make classic chocolate, and cocoa powder is prepared from the remaining chocolate cake, as the final product of cocoa beans in the production of chocolate.
  2. I also chop cocoa butter into fragments. Add cocoa butter to a saucepan with grated cocoa. I mix the chocolate pieces with a spatula. I pour arhat into hot coconut milk. Stir until the sweetener is completely dissolved in the milk. Other organic sweeteners can be used in place of arhat.

3. Grated cocoa and cocoa butter intensively knead with a spatula until completely mixed and dark chocolate is obtained. The result is 100% liquid chocolate. I pour coconut milk into dark chocolate. Intensively mix the mass to obtain chocolate ganache. The chocolate ganache begins to thicken quickly, which indicates that it is ready.

I take the pan of chocolate ganache off the heat. Add vanilla extract and stir. The base for making chocolate truffles is ready. I transfer the chocolate ganache to a bowl to cool and leave at room temperature for about 1 hour. I put the chocolate ganache in a pastry bag. I plant chocolate truffles on a silicone mat.

4. I put the chocolate truffles in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour until completely cooled. I also dusted the chocolate truffles with cocoa powder. I spread the cocoa powder over the chocolate truffles with a brush. Chocolate truffles, made from grated cocoa and cocoa butter, are real gourmet sweets for true connoisseurs of dark chocolate.

This recipe uses only the original ingredients of the chocolate tree, and therefore, it is a 100% quality chocolate product. The taste of truffles is so bright and rich that only 1 chocolate candy is enough to get a good dose of chocolate for a long time. Be sure to prepare chocolate truffles from the indicated ingredients, because you simply cannot buy such ones in the store.

Bon appetite


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