Coconut Keto Ice Cream Low Carb

Coconut keto ice cream recipe made with cream and frozen plums. I make real Keto ice cream without animal products, which is great for everyone who adheres to the vegan and keto diet. This dessert is obtained with a very bright taste of fragrant fruits, which is perfectly refreshing and fills with only positive emotions.


Pitted plum — 250 g;
Stevia — 15 g;
Coconut milk — 150 g;
Vanillin — a pinch
Coconut cream — 550 g;

How to make Coconut Keto low carb ice cream recipe step by step

  1. I add stevia to the coconut milk. Stir with a spoon until the stevia is completely dissolved. Plums, pitted, immersed in a blender. I add coconut milk. I turn on the blender to get a fruit smoothie. The degree of homogeneity of the smoothie is determined by yourself as you wish. Friends, I will be very grateful if you share this video recipe with your friends and relatives, thereby you significantly promote the channel, and motivate me to continue making interesting content. Pour vanilla into coconut cream. Beat with a mixer at medium speed for a minute.

2. Keto ice cream is great for anyone watching their insulin levels and not wanting sugar spikes. A positive side effect of keto desserts is a faster metabolism and easier digestion. I add plum smoothie to the coconut cream. Mix with a hand whisk until smooth. The finished base has a consistency similar to yogurt. I pour into glasses, instead of glasses you can use glasses or glasses. I put it in the freezer until completely cooled, before serving I recommend letting it stand at room temperature, until it becomes soft ice cream.

3. I decorate the ice cream with avocado slices, which I previously cut. Additionally, I decorate with pumpkin seeds. Here is such a vegan, Keto ice cream turned out. It is very fragrant and tasty. Intense plum color with bright green hues of avocado and pumpkin seeds, refreshing and appetizing. And given that this is a very healthy ice cream, which is completely free of cow’s lactose and casein, you can be sure that it is ideal for anyone who wants to eat deliciously and lose weight. Eat Keto desserts as much as you want, speed up matbolism, recharge with vitamins and fiber.

Bon appetit

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