How Many Times a Day Should You Eat? Proper Nutrition

How many times a day should you eat to lose weight ?
You can lose weight by eating both three and five times a day. The main thing is not to exceed the allowed number of calories and maintain a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

Recommendations :

If you decide to lose weight, eat as many times as you ate before! No need to invent additional meals for yourself in order to «accelerate the metabolism», this is not how it works.

If suddenly you decide to make food fractional, then you will eat in small portions, getting few calories. The result is constant hunger.

If you have never had breakfast and you are not comfortable with it, then do not force yourself, limit yourself to a glass of water.

Choose the option that suits you, that fits into your schedule and lifestyle .

All authoritative scientific communities regulate that a person CAN EAT AS MANY TIMES AS HE NEEDED! The only thing is that it is better to do meals at the same time.

The most important — thing is healthy keto nutrition and physical activity, not the number of meals!


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