Is Keto Coffee Good for Health?

Low carb coffee is much healthier than your regular breakfast, and it’s loaded with the calories you need. Commonly used during intermittent fasting, keto coffee provides tons of energy and a great feeling of fullness during the morning fast.

Is Keto Coffee Right for You?

It’s probably fine as an occasional treat, but I don’t think it should replace a nutritious breakfast. I just love its taste. It’s very rich and I see it more as a dessert or a stimulant for the day than as a drink in the morning.

Main advantages

  • Fat loss. Regular and simple consumption of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) has been shown to result in greater loss of adipose tissue in both animals and humans.
  • More energy. Eating fat has also been shown to lead to more energy, more efficient energy use, and more effective weight loss.
  • Heart health. The myth that saturated fat increases the chance of coronary heart disease has been debunked. Recent studies show that saturated fats can actually positively impact your overall heart health.

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