What Foods Contain Serotonin

What foods contain serotonin. When there are fewer reasons for joy, the production of serotonin can be regulated from the inside, with the help of nutrition. In difficult moments, we are drawn to simple carbohydrates — as a quick stimulant for the production of serotonin (although the peaks will be replaced by recessions just as quickly).

For sustainable synthesis of serotonin, it is necessary that the body receives enough amino acid tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin. The daily requirement for tryptophan is 330 mg. And here is a list of plant foods that have the most tryptophan.

The figures are given for 100g:

  • Oatmeal — 190 mg
  • Tofu — 350 mg
  • Cocoa — 200 mg
  • Peas — 260 mg
  • Quinoa — 167 mg
  • Hemp kernels — 83 mg
  • Sunflower seeds — 337 mg
  • Sesame — 297 mg
  • Pistachios — 271 mg
  • Lentils — 220 mg

Another tryptophan-based co-factor in serotonin production is vitamin B6. B6 is found in the same pistachios, sunflower seeds, soy products, sesame, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice and avocados.

Ideal meals for serotonin production:

  • potato with soy (roast)
  • sweet potato with tofu
  • banana smoothie with cocoa and hemp protein
  • quinoa bowl with tofu and avocado
  • lentil/pea soup (with potatoes)
  • rice with tofu and peas
  • cocoa with oat, soy or pea milk

Another great option to introduce a habit is to always sprinkle salads, cereals, bowls with sunflower seeds, hemp kernels, sesame seeds, crushed pistachios

Serotonin rich fruits



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