Palm Oil Benefits — Or Harm?

Palm oil. He is either feared or put on a pedestal. What are we to do with it? After all, it has long been decided that it is harmful? But everything has two sides of the coin.

Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree, both from the pulp and from the kernel.

Despite its vegetable origin, palm oil (as well as coconut and butter) is dominated by saturated fats, the consumption of which should be lower than that of unsaturated fats.

Why can «palm oil» be so harmful?

Palm oil is quite cheap, so most semi-finished products are made with the addition of palm oil. It is more dangerous to overconsume processed food than the oil itself.

In pursuit of a cheap product, large areas of forests are cut down, and this is true.

But the idea that “it has a high melting point” and it clogs blood vessels is a myth. The oil breaks down under the influence of enzymes, the temperature here absolutely does not matter.

Often you can find palm oil in baby food, it can contribute to poor absorption of calcium, although they say that the formula has already been changed and there is no such effect.

They also say that oil is transported in tanks from petroleum products and this is why it is dangerous. The output is strange, because even if it is, they all handle well. And do you know how other products are transported? Under what conditions? So you can go crazy.


Palm oil has its pros and cons.
Reading the composition is always useful, but if you ate such a product once a week, nothing bad will happen.


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