What is lilikoi — Can this be eaten?

These are oval fruits of yellow or dark purple color (when ripe), growing on vines.

Lilikoi (passionfruit)

Liana passion fruit — evergreen. Its leaves are placed alternately, the plate is divided into three dark green blades connected closer downwards, each about 20 centimeters long. The edge of the leaf is cut into small teeth.

Passion fruit flower is solitary, about 3 centimeters in diameter. It consists of five sepals, five fleshy petals and five fragile stamens.

The fruit is spherical, but there are also oblong species. The color is yellow and even dark purple. It ripens a few months after the flower has pollinated.

At home, passion fruit is grown as an ampelous plant. The growth process of the vine is very fast. She needs a comfortable summer temperature no higher than 26 ° C, otherwise the passionflower leaves will disappear. In autumn, the plant needs cool conditions — within 15 ° C.

What does passion fruit taste like ?

Again the answers are different. It all depends on the variety and ripeness of the fruit. At the same level of maturity, purple varieties are sweeter than yellow ones. Unripe fruits are very acidic.

If we talk about the main flavors of passion fruit, then this is a combination of sweet, sour and tart. The feeling of a person depends on which one prevails.

Can this be eaten Lilikoi fruit?

In the rainforests, both people and animals enjoy these amazing fruits. And in order to enjoy them outside the wild, edible «lilikoi» was made a house plant and grown for delicious fruits.

Delicious yellow jelly-like mass inside the fruit is suitable for eating raw. But it is also mixed with sugar and diluted with water. This is how flavored drinks, amber jam, delicious sherbet or amazing jelly are made.

Also, fruits are included in the composition of puddings, curd mousses and cakes with fruit cream. Salads are decorated with fruit slices, and the effect of rain on the surface of cream, jelly or ice cream is made from crumbs.

With sweet jam based on this fruit, amazing toasts are made, meat dishes are included in marinades for poultry and fish. Lilikoi is best combined with:
almonds and hazelnuts
pear and cinnamon


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