21 Fun Facts About Chocolate

Interesting facts about chocolate

  1. The birthplace of cocoa beans is Central and South America.⠀
  2. About 70% of the world’s raw materials for the production of chocolate, grows in Africa.⠀
  3. Chocolate first appeared in Europe in the 16th century. Columbus returned from his famous journey and brought cocoa beans.⠀
  4. For the first time, solid chocolate was obtained in the 19th century. Up to this point, it was only liquid.⠀
  5. Every year, people on Earth buy chocolate worth about $ 7 billion.⠀
  6. Dark chocolate is much healthier than other types.⠀
  7. Milk chocolate was invented by mixing regular chocolate with condensed milk. One of the authors of this invention was Henry Nestle (does everyone know this trademark?).⠀
  8. White chocolate differs from ordinary chocolate in that cocoa powder is not used in its production — only cocoa butter.⠀
  9. Most chocolate in the world is eaten in Sweden. On average, each Swede has more than 11 kg of this product per year.⠀
  10. Chocolate does not cause dental caries.⠀
  11. In the Aztec Empire, cocoa beans were used as currency. For 100 cocoa beans, you could buy yourself a slave.⠀
  12. The weight of the largest chocolate bar ever made was 4.41 tons.⠀
  13. Italian scientists have proven that people who regularly eat chocolate are less likely to suffer from mental clouding in old age.⠀
  14. The link between stress and the desire to eat a piece of chocolate has been scientifically proven.⠀
  15. Chocolate contains a lot of carbohydrates and proteins, so athletes often eat it after a grueling workout.⠀
  16. Chocolate contains phenamine. It causes a state similar to falling in love in the human brain.⠀
  17. Natural chocolate has a weak analgesic effect.⠀
  18. When eaten regularly, it helps cleanse blood vessels.⠀
  19. It also contains theobromine, which is poisonous to many animals.⠀
  20. The life span of cocoa trees can reach 2 centuries, but they bear fruit for only 20-25 years.⠀
  21. One medium cocoa bean is enough to produce one gram of chocolate.⠀.

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