Secrets Meringue Roulade Recipe — How to Cook

Secrets of the perfect meringue roll! What do you think about meringue roll? Delicate protein soufflé roll with a slightly crispy crust. He likes all his lightness, tenderness, and a variety of flavoring fillings.

Here are some tips for preparing it:

I don’t think I need to remind you how important it is to beat egg whites properly. Who needs to be reminded of the tips, put the pluses in the comments.

Make sure your silicone mat is dry before applying the roll.

It is most convenient, of course, to apply the roll with a pastry bag. But I know that some people prefer to put the meringue on the mat, and then level it with a spoon or spatula.

Do not overcook the meringue roll in the oven, otherwise it will be too dry and crumble. Follow the recipe.

After baking, turn the roll over, remove the mat. And wrap the back side after applying the cream.

The roll is still meringue. And if it is not eaten right away, because of the cream, it can release a little liquid.


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